Hello World!

The first post of a new blog. I’ve done this a few times before, serial blog-starter that I am. This time, perhaps, it will stick.

In June I finally published my first novel, The Distant Shore, which had been almost ten years in the (intermittent) works. It’s available as a Kindle ebook on Amazon for download now. In terror and relief I pressed the publish button, and sent it off into the world; off into the abyss, it seems, but at least it is out there now.

The Distant Shore was born of hearing stories about Earl Henry Sinclair and his legendary fourteenth century transatlantic voyage; there followed countless late night hours spent in the university library learning about Sinclair’s world, and about the world that he may have found across the ocean. The research was fun, and I followed it up with a trip to Orkney and to Nova Scotia, where I saw that the landscapes were as I’d imagined them, and where I felt strangely at home. One day I’d love to go back.


For now, I’m reading and collecting ideas for the next story to tell. I’d like to do something set in the American West, and I’m currently reading The War of the Copper Kings by C.B. Glasscock, which tells the amazing story of the development of Butte, Montana as a mining town and source of fabulous wealth.