Blue skies & green grass

Day one of a new year and I am enjoying the sunshine under tufted clouds and the high up rustling of trees in full leaf. The world hums with possibility; it is a great thing to be alive.

The past year was one of change for us – change, and adventure too. Travels to and from the South Island, a trip to South America and Mexico, selling houses, buying land, and, by year’s end, a relocation to Canterbury. I am looking forward to a more productive year this year – a year of creation, and growth, in a place with broad horizons and great opportunities.

Brandy, 1 January 2018
1 January 2018

I’ve made only one resolution this year, the one that encompasses all possible resolutions: to live. To see the world for what it is, and to be alive, fully, in every moment, with every choice, with every breath and every action.