Two Year Anniversary

It’s two years ago today that we were married at Old St. Paul’s in Wellington. It was a very special day, in a special place, surrounded by special people. Every day since has been its own kind of joy. It feels like a low-key kind of anniversary – coming as it does after Christmas, New Year’s, and a birthday, it’s easy to feel celebration fatigue. But today we’ve enjoyed thinking back to how we felt two years ago, and the whirlwind of activity surrounding the wedding, and remembering the really important part of that day: a declaration of love and loyalty to each other, in the presence of our family and friends.

I’d never really spent much time thinking about my dream wedding and what it might look like, but in the end our rather rapidly organized wedding was perfect – held in a beautiful, historic church, luminous with stained glass and mellow timbers; the resonant organ playing Jerusalem and, later, the same talented musician playing God Only Knows on the piano. Vows in English and Spanish too. A role for my family, and his. A serious kind of ceremony, not really religious but keeping close to tradition all the same. A reflection of the two of us. Love, and an abundance of happiness. Later, a dinner reception where we got to spend time with a roomful of wonderful people. It was a perfect day, and I’m glad for the memories. Glad too to carry the spirit of that day through every moment that follows, for that ought to be the aim of any marriage – to grow together in love, understanding, and hope, and to face each day with optimism, side-by-side.

Old St. Paul's
Old St. Paul’s, Wellington.