One of the reasons I began writing this blog was to give life to the tangle of thoughts I’ve had for the last few months surrounding the political climate in this country. Specifically, I am concerned by the trend towards ever more reliance on government, ever more stringent regulations, and ever less personal responsibility and ever less individual freedom. It is insidious and has been creeping onwards for some time now. With our current political ‘leadership’, there is little hope of a tack back to freedom. These are people who make, unchallenged, the statement that capitalism has failed when, plainly, increased economic freedom is the only thing that works to increase standards of living and individual happiness.

We are too keen to accept increasing collective control over our lives. We are too keen to shrug off responsibility for our own choices, so that we might cry it’s not our fault! every time something disappoints us. We have become safety obsessed to the point that we’d rather feel safe than be free; we have given up freedom for the illusion of safety.

This can’t go on. It will take a real slapping back of the tentacles of government, but perhaps it can be done. We need to scale back our expectations of government and what it ought to do for us; we need to reclaim our individual rights and responsibilities; we need to yearn to be free.