Theme #1: Health

It’s Sunday! The first Sunday of the New Year and a good time to reflect on what has been quietly happy start to 2018. A good time, too, to set my first weekly theme for the year. (It’s an effort to set some good habits, to have some structure; not that I have appallingly bad habits, but I could benefit from a bit more military discipline, especially if I want this to be a get things done kind of year).

In a predictable manner, having just loafed through the season of trifles and cakes and hams and lambs and biscuits and pavlovas and barbeques, I choose ‘health’ to be the theme for this coming week.

What should this look like? Fewer biscuits and fewer chips! But more potatoes. Walking for at least half an hour every day (in addition to the thousands and thousands of steps I’m getting in, traipsing around the farmlet). And most importantly, getting more structure into my sleep patterns (lights out by 10pm!). I used to be fantastic at getting up early, but I’ve lapsed into being late-to-bed and late-to-rise, problematic because I’m in no way a night owl. I’d love to spring out of bed at 6am every day, but that’s something to work on! I’ll check in next Sunday to report on how I’ve managed to make a success of the week.