Mid Month Recap

It’s the middle of January… time to evaluate how things are going and how they could improve.

  • Health – I’m feeling pretty good. Getting out of bed not so tough. Mainly managing to resist the snooze button too!
  • Fitness – absolute fail in terms of getting out walking every morning. But I’ve been traipsing around after the pony so much that I get a pass (perhaps).
  • Diet – could be worse, but could be much better.
  • General happiness level – vastly improved in last few days. Attitude adjustment responsible for that. Long may it last.
  • Writing – I’ve stuck with this daily blog for fifteen days now – some days more verbose than others. Need to set aside time for other writing projects, to build that habit.
  • Idea creation – the engine is creaking into life. Again, I need to build that into a solid habit.

Really – everything is amazingly good. ❤️